Frank Gambale feat. Boca – Soulmine – Review

It is really a great pleasure for us to review this new work from the great Frank Gambale. After going through basically every musical genre, jazz, rock, fusion, acoustic music – the great australian guitarist comes back with a new great musical project, along with his singer Boca, his partner in life too.

The Album has been designed, written and played with Boca, with the partecipation of a very well placed lineup. Just to mention a few of the musicians who took part in this project: Victor Wooten, Brian Auger, Joel Taylor, Otmaro Ruíz. Just by listening to the track released online, “Forbidden Kiss”, you have the sensation to find yourself in front of an excellent production for what concerns composition, arrangements and sound…and it’s a so pleasant surprise being able to hear great Frank’s guitar “absorbed” into the tracks’ arrangement.

It’s just like we’re listening to a luxury session man, but we keep being surprised by his playing, that is always ready to highlight, underline, adorn, always in a original way, with that something more that you can find only “in the chords” of a great musician. It almost seems appropriate to make a comparison with another great virtuoso who often used to accompany himself and his pieces, George Benson, but in this work Frank Gambale’s guitar is the absolute main character together with Boca’s voice.

A very passioned voice-guitar duet in Forbidden Kiss, playing on very warm general sonorities, a continuous melody and countermelody between Frank and Boca, that peaks in an absolutely awesome solo in its only apparent simplicity.

Inside other episodes of this record we find sounds that bring us back to Gambale’s early works, only instrumental back then but wisely mixed today with arrangements that are often very complex but never “hard” to listen to. We find soul and funky atmospheres, engaged in a very pleasant jazzy context. the tracks are always wonderfully built, musicality is always high without giving the impression of a superficial easy listening. In this album you can really feel all the 30 years of frank Gambale’s career. Having played with all the greatest musicians in the world allowed Frank to take the maybe most difficult step, that is undertaking even the pop side of music.

And you can really feel these years because at any given moment his guitar genius pops out, in the rhythm, in the groove, in the solos. talking about solos, Gambale turns out to be a sensible listener and musician, he plays really well the guitar’s role in a more pop context (although very sophisticated), and he never indulges in long and articulated improvisations.

He takes his risks with some very variegated parts, wisely dosed, where the solistic part comes into play only when needed and always to serve Boca’s voice and the music. the album’s general sounds are excellent and so are the guitaristic ones which we won’t anticipate anything about…you will find a lot more about Frank Gambale and Soulmine project in the interview that this great guitarist granted us these days and that will be online in a very short time on our website!



1 Love Set Me Free Gambale, Gambale 4:51

2 Live Your Dream Gambale, Gambale 4:31

3 All In the Game of Life Gambale, Gambale 5:42

4 Be the Change Gambale, Gambale 5:50

5 Sun Will Shine Gambale, Gambale 4:17

6 Forbidden Gambale, Gambale 4:41

7 Keep Leadin’ Me On Gambale, Gambale 4:53

8 Save Me From Myself Gambale, Gambale 5:00

9 Enchanted Love Gambale, Gambale 5:41

10 Open Your Mind Gambale, Gambale 3:51



Brian Auger Organ (Hammond), Soloist

Robert Biles Engineer, Mixing

Gary Coppola Vocals (Background)

Peter Doell Mastering

Boca Gambale Composer, Lyricist, Mixing, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Frank Gambale Composer, Digital Editing, Engineer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Synthesizer), Keyboards, Mixing, Producer, Soloist, Vocals (Background)

Michael Hiller Cover Photo, Photography

Otmaro Ruíz Piano

Carol Sheridan Photography

Joel Taylor Drums

Victor Wooten Bass


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