Nili Brosh: A Matter of Perception – Review

If someone ask me how it should be a Guitar solo Album in 2014 I would sure to answer, immediately: “A matter of perception” the brand new Album of the young and ever more appreciated american guitarist Nili Brosh .

I am proud to have guessed a few years ago that the young guitarist graduated from Berklee in Boston would shined in the international guitar scene. And so it was! From Tony McAlpine to Iron Maidens, the Vigilant, Ethan Brosh Band , through the super-mention of people like Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman and Virgil Donati, these last very special guests of the new album, along with the equally famous musicians Stu Hamm, Bryan Beller and Aquiles Priester .

After the excellent debut with “Through The Looking Glass’, self-produced album with the participation of Andy Timmons and Ethan Brosh Band, Nili Brosh comes to the second round with a very solid and mature work, both for writing and for execution. The construction of the tracks is complex, with many music styles and rhythmic textures, although with an accurate identity, of which we had the first hints on the previous Album.

You can clearly listening the 7-string Guitar, now the main instrument of Nili, both for arrangements and solo parts. And you can listening the awesome musicians who play bass and drums at their best!! All The songs have really a good groove!!

“A matter of perception” is certainly a very modern and current way to “say something” with an electric guitar. It is not easy, on the Guitar has been performed most of all kind of Music and technique. You can already have a new Guitar Album every week, the “ear saturation” is a concrete risk. Not with Nili’s Music!

Strenghts of the Album are, in my opinion: good writing, excellent use of 7-string Guitar as main instrument, gorgeous rhythm section.

Best Tracks: Yolanda, at the end of the disc, really sublime in its simplicity!
The incredible cover of Virgil Donati’s Alien Hip Hop.

01. A Matter of Perception
02. The Spring Tune
03. Double Entendre
04. Exit Strategy
05. Silence of Saturday
06. The Chase
07. Eli
08. Adaptable Creatures
09. Alien Hip Hop
10. Yolanda



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