Umphreys McGee-The London Session: Review

Some tips for listening: only quality headphones, better yet a good hi-fi!Do it! And you will realize the wonder of the sound that is “manufactured” by the legendary Studio 2 of Abbey Road Studios.

The Umprhey’s have recorded for 12 hours in Studio 2 and the result of the session in the most famous studios in the world – made famous by the Beatles – is the new album “The London Session”.

Secretly recorded a few months ago, the new album contains a Mix of classics Unphrey’s, like “Out Of Order,” “Glory” and “Plunger” and more recent songs, such as “Bad Friday,” “No Diablo” and ” Comma Later “. Plus the first cover ever recorded in a studio album of the band, the Beatles tribute “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”.

10 tracks at all, with an amazing general sound. The record sounds very warm, it seems all analog but at the same time the sound is very modern! The dynamics are simply terrific!


The band sounds gorgeous, the spirit of the album is undoubtely “live in the studio” . You feel the great interplay of the musicians and the great mastery of the musical parts. And we have to remember that the 10 tracks were made in just 12 hours. Really amazing the musical level reached by the 7 Umphreys.

Talking about the work of the two guitar axemen, Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger, they are simply perfect, from metal to funk, from blues to prog. I like to mention the track “Glory”, incredible sound and great super melodic guitars.

The London session is a “snapshot” of what are today the Umphrey. The disc deserves, both for some great rearrangements (some in a more acoustic way), both for the energy produced by the “live in the studio” situation. Impressed!



Bad Friday
Rocker Part 2
No Diablo
Cut the Cable
Out of Order
Comma Later
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Brendan Bayliss – Guitar, vocals
Joel Cummins – Keys, vocals
Ryan Stasik – Bass
Jake Cinninger – Guitar, vocals
Kris Myers – Drums, vocals
Andy Farag – Percussions



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