In loving memory of the Master

A year ago the Master Allan Holdsworth has passed. We want to remember the amazing guitarist, musician and beautiful person with a banner wich will be FOREVER on our Website. We do it in the belief that a guitarist and a man like Allan should be incessantly remembered and be an example for all the […]

Lari Basilio: The sound of my room | Review

The first time I saw a video of Lari Basilio, extraordinary Brazilian guitarist, i fell out of my chair. It had been so long since I’ve heard a guitarist playing so original and so much tunable, that I’ve gone out of the habit. No shred, No muscles slammed in listener’s face, no extra-distorted and compressed […]

Janet Feder: THISCLOSE Review

I’ve decided to review the latest album by Janet Feder (bio here), entitled “T H I S C L O S E”, as soon as i saw and listened the EPK. It was suggested to me by Rhiannon Jenkins, a very good professional that has many guitarists in the roster of her Press Agency.  As my […]

Godsticks: Emergence – Review

I’m always very interested to Albums where the guitar plays an important role, without being necessarily in front of a guitar solo album. There are already so many, some excellent, some the result of home recording instead of real creativity. Normally I do not review them, too boring! I’m interested in ideas, concepts, styles, that […]

Ciro Manna: XY Review

I’ve written a lot of reviews, but I have rarely found a star-studded international production such as XY, the second and new album by Ciro Manna. Maybe because the album was recorded largely in Los Angeles (in the studies of Simon Phillips) with the great support of the producer Riccardo Cappelli, maybe because Ciro Manna […]

The Aristocrats: Tres Caballeros Review

The album title “Tres Caballeros” and the 8 bit artwork would suffice to buy the album blindly. But we come across one of the most important bands of our time (this is what it is all about), so that we cannot limit ourselves to just a few words, even if they are more than enough. […]

Umphreys McGee-The London Session: Review

Some tips for listening: only quality headphones, better yet a good hi-fi!Do it! And you will realize the wonder of the sound that is “manufactured” by the legendary Studio 2 of Abbey Road Studios. The Umprhey’s have recorded for 12 hours in Studio 2 and the result of the session in the most famous studios […]

The Aristocrats Culture Clash Live – Review

Today’s in the stores the awaited live CD/DVD of the Aristocrats, Title Culture Clash Live. The title is coming from the second album, the songs in the tracklist are also from the first album “The Aristocrats.” 8 tracks for the CD, one more for the DVD. Packaging’s remarkable illustrations and a lot of on the […]

Nili Brosh: A Matter of Perception – Review

If someone ask me how it should be a Guitar solo Album in 2014 I would sure to answer, immediately: “A matter of perception” the brand new Album of the young and ever more appreciated american guitarist Nili Brosh . I am proud to have guessed a few years ago that the young guitarist graduated […]