Godsticks: Emergence – Review

I’m always very interested to Albums where the guitar plays an important role, without being necessarily in front of a guitar solo album. There are already so many, some excellent, some the result of home recording instead of real creativity. Normally I do not review them, too boring!

I’m interested in ideas, concepts, styles, that make the music recognizable, with its own specific identity. For example Umprhey’s McGee. And this is definitely true if we talking about “Emergence“, the new (and third) album of a very interesting Wales based band, the “Godsticks“.

They are a trio: Darran Charles (vocals, guitar, keys), Dan Nelson (bass) and Steve Roberts (Drums). Sound just as dry, rough, dark. We could label their music as Prog, prog-metal, but we have to forget the typical Dream Theater like atmosphere, except “Train of Thought”.


The stylistic mix proposed by Godsticks is very original, definitely a melting pot of many influences, from King Krimson to Dream Theater to Rush, from Devin Townsend to Staind’s Aaron Lewis, even “Umphrey’s”. Godsticks music are really original, in a musical context in which is certainly not easy be recognizable.

The guitars are arranged and played very well. There is definitely to learn as regards the choice of guitar’s tones, very modern and uptodate. There was definitely a lot of attention in production not to propose something already heard. Shortly shredding, many rhythm parts obtained by various Drop (D, C, B).

Godsticks can also be enjoyed live, they are currently support band of The Aristocrats in their European tour

1. Below The Belt
2. Ruin
3. Much Sinister
4. Exit Stage Right
5. All That Remains
6. Hopeless Situation
7. One Percent
8. Emergence
9. Leave Or Be Left
10. Lack Of Scrutiny

Website: http://www.godsticks.co.uk/about
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/godsticks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Godsticks

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