Janet Feder: THISCLOSE Review

I’ve decided to review the latest album by Janet Feder (bio here), entitled “T H I S C L O S E”, as soon as i saw and listened the EPK. It was suggested to me by Rhiannon Jenkins, a very good professional that has many guitarists in the roster of her Press Agency. 

As my readers know, I’m always looking for original and innovative proposals, in every possible form of expression, both music and guitar. Listen to the new albums by Janet Feder means making a astonishing experience of uncommon things about guitar playing.

She plays guitar, baritone guitar, banjo, dobro, prepared guitar (or tabletop guitar, well explained here). You can find and listen expanded, manipulated , altered sounds without any use of pedals or signal processors.

Janet Feder loves the true sound of the guitar and is looking for any way to turn it into musical expression, even before the arrangements, the melodies and her voice, which appears in some songs, light and ethereal at the same time strong and determined.

By placing small objects on the strings of her guitars and banjo, a Danelectro baritone guitar, Janet Feder gets very special sounds and tones, really unusual, very minimal, just adding in some tracks percussions and piano notes.

No expectations of anything overly screamed, the tone of the entire album is very relaxed, almost ethereal. Concentrate instead on the sound, the expressive capabilities of the instrument continuously researched by the artist. That ‘s where you will find the “key” to the Album and musicality expressed by Janet Feder.

 “Even though it sounds like me, it’s something beyond…and it also feels like an arrival at the culmination of, well, everything that got me here. Previous albums felt like they happened in my head; T H I S C L O S E feels like it emerged from somewhere between my head and my heart. I’ve never made more intimate music. It’s ok by me however it lands for my listeners. I played what I wanted to hear, because I could hear myself more clearly than I was ever able to in the past. And I played what I wanted to play because…I could. It was all part of accepting the invitation, this collaboration, this gift, with Mike and Joe.” [Janet Feder]



1. Crows
2. Ticking Time Bomb
3. Happy Everyday, Me
4. No Apology
5. Happy Everyday, You
6. You At Part Of A Whole
7. Angles & Exits
8. She Sleeps With The Sky
9. T H I S C L O S E


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