Lari Basilio: The sound of my room | Review

The first time I saw a video of Lari Basilio, extraordinary Brazilian guitarist, i fell out of my chair. It had been so long since I’ve heard a guitarist playing so original and so much tunable, that I’ve gone out of the habit.

No shred, No muscles slammed in listener’s face, no extra-distorted and compressed tones! Only fresh air: always warm and “fat” beautiful tones, an amazing technique and guitar control between fingers, pick and hybrid picking… music..well-being!
Here we are with the review of the second studio album (after the 2013 EP titled Lari Basilio), titled “The sound of my room”

The album, released in 2015, was recorded “live in theater” (at the Cine Belas Artes | São Paulo) in 5days, 10 tracks at all, with special guests including Jean Carllos (keys, Oficina G3) Andrè Nieri ( guitar, Virgil Donati) and Lari’s Brother Joe Basilio on Guitar

Already the first track of the album, Esperanza, would be enough to describe the skill and musicality of Lari. Pure atmosphere, clean sound with a slight crunch, delay, the best situation for any guitarist!! Then drums and the great Carrllos on keyboards, truly remarkable!

But that’s not all, Lari also surprises with more rock sound, which hint at early as the second song “Moving On”, not before being passed by the beautiful “Plenitude”. On this song you can feel and hear incredible virtuosity, the reason why Lari makes you fall of the chair. only apparently simple lines, great musicality… but don’t try to play them if you are not Lari!!!

In the fourth track “Revolution”, Lari plays togheter with another star of Brazilian guitar, Andrè Nieri, now in Virgil Donati’s band. The music becomes more rock and energetic. Same thing for Two Trick, where Lari duets with her brother Joe Basil! No surprises, she can safely shred and her brother is a good axemen yet!

Hey Charlie !, introduced by the excellent Carllos on keyboards, brings us a Lari still a bit ‘more rock, very good to me in the rhythm parts and power chords, also with great tones!

“Dance With Me” starts with clean tones, then evolves to more rock-metal atmospheres. But Lari alternates these different atmospheres in a very clever way, so the final mix is very original and enjoyable. The 8th song, “New Time”, is in my opinion a really beautiful song, dreamy atmosphere, open spaces, with a masterful work on guitars.

Last two songs are acoustic: “Walking by Faith” and “The Sound of my room”. Both remarkable songs, Sound Of My room is truly a musical pearl! Lari is also an amazing acoustic guitar player!

If you have not already done so, you must listen Lari Basilio! She deserves it!!

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