Next to “Guitar Ladies: the Women side of the Guitar” we are glad to introduce a very interesting interview with the young and very talented guitar player Nili Brosh. First of all watch on her Welcome Video..



Nili Brosh
21/04/2009 16.32.50

1. First of all my compliments for your Student Profile published on the Berklee’s Website. This is an important mention in your musical and professional career, it’s is true? Tell us about your Berklee Experience!

-Thank you! Yes, this mention is definitely an honor. Berklee is a college full of 4000-5000 gifted musicians at any given time, and each one of them has a story that could be turned into a great interview. Having been chosen as such a standout is something I’m very grateful for, and I hope that it will help promote my work and get my name out there to more people. Personally, representing Berklee in this way means a lot to me, and I will try to make the school proud. I’ve had a very positive experience in Berklee. Like I said, that place is filled with talented people who can do a variety of things. There are great composers, players, producers, of all different genres and from many countries. It’s the best place to learn because there are always new people to meet with information you would’ve never thought of before. I think the secret to Berklee is to always pay attention to what’s going on – to go to every clinic or show, and always try to meet the new people who come every semester.

2. You became famous trought You Tube’s “Guthrie Govan solo played by 18 year old girl”. Why Youtube and Why Guthrie Govan?
(a friend of our site, he has recently released an interview for

-Well, YouTube was how I first heard of Guthrie Govan in the first place. A friend of mine found his Larry Carlton Style video and showed it to me. I had no idea who he was at the time, or how famous he was getting. I was just so impressed. He was that new guitar hero we’ve been looking for. I loved the way he played and the track itself, and wanted to transcribe it immediately to figure out what he was doing. At the time, I really felt like that sound was missing from my playing, so finding that video was perfect back then, because it was just the kind of thing I was looking to learn from. The reason I wanted to post it was because I loved playing it so much. I didn’t know what kind of reaction it was going to get, or even if anyone was going to see it. I just figured I would do it as sort of a tribute, as a new fan of Govan’s.

3. Your video has really impressed me. At the end of the video i thought that Nili Brosh could have a big future in music and guitar playing. So two years are passed. What’s happen after the video publishing e Which are your current projects?

-Thanks, and I definitely hope so. I’m trying to do everything that I can in order to make a name for myself. That’s why I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get approached by websites like yours. That means these videos are working better than I ever thought they would. I hope that continues!

In the last two years, I’ve been getting through college and playing lots of shows. Aside from my own band, I’ve been working with a lot of students and teachers from Berklee and trying to get into as many projects as possible, for my own personal experience and growth. I also tried posting as many videos as possible to keep the YouTube thing going. But the biggest thing in the last two years has been working on my first instrumental album. I can tell you myself that it is almost done. I’ve been taking my time with it to make sure I produce the best results. But I do feel like that is the most important thing that is missing from my career right now. I hope that it will draw people’s attention when it comes out.

4. I’ve met you in Facebook, a very useful community tool for artist and musician. How much are important for for your
career Internet and the various social media?

-I think the internet is an extremely important tool for today’s musicians. With the decline of the record industry, it is the most powerful vehicle we have. It has done wonders for me already, and I feel like I’m just beginning. Facebook is an interesting phenomenon too. I joined it a few years ago when it was new and just used for social interaction. It has always been a way for me to interact with my friends, but now it’s becoming a real business tool for me. That makes it difficult, though; it’s hard to balance my career and my personal life on it. Since it became so successful, I think that all Facebook users have to be very careful about the content and amount of information they put on it now. Hopefully, with the changes the site keeps going through, that will become easier to control in the future.

5. As a Woman Guitar Player have you encountered some prejudice?

-I have encountered some, but a lot less than I expected. There are the occasional crude remarks on YouTube, but most people are very supportive and I’m thankful for the positive response my playing has been getting. I think that in 2009, most people know that you don’t need to be a guy to be a guitar player.

6. Tell us about your preferred guitar Players? Wich are deeply inspired you?

-There have been many, but my biggest inspiration in life and music has always been my brother, Ethan Brosh. I would’ve never picked up a guitar if it wasn’t for him. In addition, Nuno Bettencourt has always been one of my main influences, and Andy Timmons as well. The list is much longer than that though. A lot of my inspirations in the last few years are musicians that I met and worked with along the way, many of them are Berklee students and faculty.

7. And about Women Guitar Players? It’s our list exhaustive? What are the women guitarist wich inspired you?

-That list is long! There are a few names on it that I’ve never even heard before, and I will have to check them out. The ones I do know on there are all great players. I especially like Kaki King. I think what she does is very unique and she always sounds great. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the chance to catch her live yet, but I’m sure I will soon. I would love to see her play.

8. About your gears. Trough the live Videos i have heard a very good lead guitar sound. What’s your favoured guitar (the Nili Brosh signatured headstock?) and amps. Did You use pedals?

-I’m glad you like my tone! I’m still searching. In most of those videos, I use the Marshall JCM 2000. I’m pretty minimal about my pedals. I usually only use some delay and a wah. I really like a natural tube amp tone, when you find the right one.

9. The audience of is 90% composed by italian people. Will you tell something to the italian audience?

-I hope you’ll like what’s coming. I’ve been working hard on this album and I can’t wait to get it out there for you. It makes me happy to know that people still care about guitar players, and I’m so flattered that even people in Italy know my name! I hope you will continue to follow my career!

10. And finally very very thank for your interview, have a life full of music and guitar, i hope to meet you personally in the States or in Italy. I’m sure that you will come in tour in Europe!!!

-Thank you as well! My band is always ready to play, and if there is enough of a European demand, we will definitely make sure to come!