The Aristocrats Culture Clash Live – Review

Today’s in the stores the awaited live CD/DVD of the Aristocrats, Title Culture Clash Live. The title is coming from the second album, the songs in the tracklist are also from the first album “The Aristocrats.” 8 tracks for the CD, one more for the DVD. Packaging’s remarkable illustrations and a lot of on the road life’s images!

Let’s start with the real surprise, the DVD!
After seeing dozens of videos on Youtube, we have to bless 1 hour and 40 minutes of great sound and full audio quality: the Aristocrats are incredibly good. Seeing them and hearing them with excellent sound and with many cameras (Gopro in front on guitar and bass included) is priceless. Great direction and montage, following the musicians step by step, from the fingers of Govan and Beller at the hands and feet of Minneman. Sometimes the screen is divided by three or nine frames. angles and perspectives makes the DVD really impressive. It Collects performances by six different shows in five countries on three continents, the best choice according to the Aristocrats. The footage of a single evening was not possible for various technical problems. I can guarantee that you will be glued to the video for the duration of the concert and you will be amazed not only by the extraordinary talent of the three, but also by the dynamics that they can express at any time. The live really enhances the histrionics, the eccentricity and the irreverent creativity of these incredible guys … hens and pigs included!

Also the Audio CD is impressive, because finally you can hear the Artistocrats live with a hi-fi sound quality. Through headphones, stereo or car stereo the CD is always excellent. They literally burn up the songs already made famous by the studio versions, with the addition of the live component, which is absolutely essential for the Aristocrats. The CD comes in fact after three years of intense touring around the world. The harmony and interplay are really at the highest level. Very few people in the world can really approach this “Music’s Aristocracy”. As individual these three musicians are on another planet. Putted together they are an explosive mixture and the stage is the place where they are really at home!

NI do not point out any songs in particular, I invite you to seek out some quotes heard here and there between CD and DVD: Beverly Hills Cop, Wham’s Careless Whisper Wham, Tequila, Cucaracha, The Nokia Tune… the other will find you! Enjoy and Happy listening


Sweaty Knockers (Whittier, CA, USA)

Ohhhh Noooo (Whittier, CA, USA)

Get It Like That (Whittier, CA, USA)

Culture Clash (Whittier, CA, USA)

Gaping Head Wound (Whittier, CA)

Louisville Stomp (Manchester, UK)

Desert Tornado (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, NL)


Furtive Jack (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Ohhhh Noooo (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Louisville Stomp (Manchester, UK)

Get It Like That (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Culture Clash (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Blues F***ers (Mexico City, MX)

Gaping Head Wound (Mexico City, MX)

Desert Tornado (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, NL)

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