The Aristocrats Tour Italiano 2016

Gli Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman, Bryan Beller) sono in arrivo in Italia!!!!

Ecco le date e l’annuncio della band: “Now that the holidays are over and 2016 is here, we’re rested and ready to start Part 2 of our European tour which include the following dates in Italy! The first leg was a really amazing ride. If you want to relive it, check out our Facebook page, which has pictures and posts from throughout Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Ireland, and the UK. We hope to see more of our European folks out there soon, and happy new year to our friends around the world!”

January 27th 2016: Genova (Italy) – La Claque

February 2nd 2016: Milan (Italy) – Blue Note

February 6th 2016: Verona (Italy) – Officina degli Angeli

February 7th 2016: Bologna (Italy) – Zona Roveri

February 8th 2016: Pordenone (Italy) – Il Deposito

February 10th 2016: Florence (Italy) – Teatro Puccini

February 11th 2016: Terni (Italy) – Auditorium Gazzoli

February 14th 2016: Palermo (Italy) – Zsa Zsa

February 16th 2016: Roccaforzata (TA) (Italy) – Saloon Public House

February 17th 2016: Caserta (Italy) – Softly Live

February 18th 2016: Rome (Italy) – Planet Live Club

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